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The main Training Center's objective is to provide professional development for the Company employed sea-staff. To meet the expectations and requirements of the Company clients the Center offers a range of training and professional development not only in conformity with the requirements of international conventions, but also exceeding them. Various training programs in safety, technical, commercial, legislation, human resources and environmental awareness issues help our seafarers to achieve and maintain the highest quality of service in ship operations.

What are we doing?

Following courses and training modules are currently available:

  • SMS for Officers
  • SMS for Ratings
  • Marine Pollution & Prevention for Officers
  • Environmental Awareness for Ratings
  • Operational Safety Awareness
  • Security Awareness
  • Ship Inspections

The cadet program

Cadets are selected from Odessa National Maritime Academy. After being selected they are professionally developed and monitored from induction to promotion in active rank.

A number of ex-Cadets have already achieved the rank of Deck Officer or Engineer and remain in the Company through their career.

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