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'Chal Diya' is a sailor's song, depicting his life... always on the move... between the land and the sea.

Caught between the dilemma of two loves, that of his ship at sea and lady love at home the sailor tries to strike a balance between both the worlds he values equally.

Like the soldiers defending our borders a sailor`s life is just as precious, as he faces the turbulent waters and solitary life away from his loved ones... yet unlike the soldier he rarely gets the fame and respect due.

A sailor is a silent and selfless worker…moving more than 90 per cent of the day to day commodities we enjoy. He is thus the backbone of any economy.

'Chal Diya' is a tribute to all sailors... the video was shot on board ship 'MSC CLEMENTINA'. The song touches our hearts as it is emotional, sweet and hummable and it certainly grows on you from the very first time you hear it.

Produced by Captain Nangia who is a master mariner himself and owner of 'Sailor Today' an international shipping magazine being published since 1991 having a circulation of above 55000 copies a month. 'Chal Diya' is a fine example of showing his gratitude to the sea and the sailor who rules over them.

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